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*We GUARANTEE that KidsFirst! is the best parenting solution or just ask for your money back!

How Kids First! Works
The Collaborative Child Custody Agreement, Visitation & Parenting Plan Legal Software

Child Custody, Parenting Plan Agreements, Child Support Information, Joint Custody Agreements, and Divorce Mediation can all tailored to your specific situation through Kids  First! customizable software for separating and divorcing parents.

Separation, mediation and divorce can be highly stressful for parents and children. Kids  First! helps reduce the stress couples experience when working through sole and joint legal and physical custody agreements , visitation calendars, child support calculations without the expense of hiring a family law attorney. In fact, our software provides a collaborative method for parents to come to agreement in the best interest of their children.

Kids  First! is updated regularly with current custody laws and generates court-ready documents that are legal in family courts in all 50 states! For the custody laws in your state sign up for KidsFirst! or see an online law library.

Click to learn more about the following software features:

• Child & Parent Profile
Securely store detailed information regarding your child including vital data, healthcare information, etc.

• Account Access and Security Settings
Create your own secure User ID, complete with password authentication.
One parent, or both parents can work independently or together in this easy-to-use collaborative divorce and family law software to build separation documents that are fair to your children.

Buy Kids First! Now - Guaranteed* Best!
*We GUARANTEE that KidsFirst! is the best parenting solution or just ask for your money back!
• Legal and physical child custody
Write your child custody agreement., easily, affordably, legally in all 50 states.

• Co-Parenting Plan
Plan for your child's future by building a parenting plan.
Both parents and the children benefit from clearly defined ground rules.

• Child Visitation Calendar
Available on-line so you can update or access any time.

• Child / Parent Visitation Plan & Agreement
Automatically generated by you answering a series of questions.
Document may be saved as a Word, RTF or HTML file, and may be modified or detailed at any time.

• Child Support Calculator
Calculate child support for children after separation and divorce, use when building a custody agreement.

Kids First! Software for kid-focused separating and divorcing parents.

Kids First! offers customizable child custody and parent agreement for single or joint parent accounts who are working through separation and divorce details of co-parenting securely and privately without the expense and turmoil of hiring a family law lawyer.

Kids First! software guides you through a series of questions about your situation, children, and parents. When you are finished answering you can create and print a parenting plan, custody agreement, visitation agreement, and child visitation calendar. Your agreements can be updated at any time, quickly, easily and affordably!

Buy Kids First! Now - Guaranteed* Best!
*We GUARANTEE that KidsFirst! is the best parenting solution or just ask for your money back!

Kids First! Collaborative Law Software empowers parents to determine the future of their children with child custody, visitation, and child support agreements quickly, privately and cost-effectively.

Kids First! Web-Based Software is easy-to-use legal software that creates your parenting plan, child custody agreement, and visitation calendar by simply answering a few questions in less than one hour.

Kids First! Parenting Plan Software can help save a family you care about from costly legal fees and unnecessary stress from separation and divorce with this easy-to-use and affordable web based tool.

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    Features of Kids First Web Based Child Custody Visitation and Child Support Software
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Collaborative divorce law software designed to help parents navigate their way through
separation, child support, visitation and child custody, while putting Kids First!

Legal in all 50 states of the USA