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Experts agree that it is in the best interest of the children when separating and divorcing parents work together to co parent their children.

Kids First! web based software provides separating, divorcing and single parents who share custody and visitation of their children the tools to effectively communicate and manage parenting time and parental responsibilities.

Kids First! provides a real-time overview, accompanied by an online calendar outlining the day-to-day care and events in the lives of your children. Parents can update school, vacation, holidays, long weekends, visitation times, sports, practices, birthday parties, special classes, medical and dental appointments, as needed.


Parents typically come to a parenting plan that supports the custody agreement, which also can easily generated using Kids First!. It is after these agreements have been approved by family court that the parents are left to figure out how to effectively communicate and meet the child's needs with the least amount of conflict, stress or errors.

Parenting plans and custody agreements determine the visitation rights and act as the basis of co-parenting schedules. Each parent identifies the preferred method of communication with the other parent and both agree as to which parent will become primary contact for school, for sports, medical, emergencies, and other important life events. Restrictions can be set in advance, should they apply.

Kids First! collaborative law software offers separating, divorcing and single parents a step-by-step, easy-to-use method that helps define rules and arrangements for custodial and non-custodial parents. These challenges become easy to navigate as parents answer a series of questions which result in a parenting plan that will;
  1. Help parents identify activities and sports that they agree to be appropriate and safe for the child to participate in.
  2. Define parental agreements for acknowledgement of religion, practice and family traditions.
  3. Outline accessibility to other family members such as grandparents, siblings, step parents, etc.
  4. Provide clear boundaries for the children and united front from the separated parents.
  5. Promotes respect for each parent and prevent conflict and unnecessary stress on the family.
  6. Parenting plan details can be discussed and agreements are reached privately and can be discussed in detail without effecting, or being influenced by your children overhear or influence.
  7. Help parents make important decisions that will affect their children's immediate and long term potential for success.
  8. Allow for co parenting updates to be made, as needed over time.
  9. Easy download of most current parenting plan.
  10. Coordinates easily with Kids First! online calendar.

Buy Kids First! Now - Guaranteed* Best!
*We GUARANTEE that KidsFirst! is the best parenting solution or just ask for your money back!


Expert Advice, No Extra Charge:

First! includes expert advice from legal experts available to you as you answer the questions that will define the parenting plan agreement to care for your children long after separation or divorce.
parenting plan promotes success and minimizes negative effects of separation and divorce on  children
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Try Kids
First! Risk FREE! Buy Kids First! Today! Experience first-hand how easily this affordable, online collaborative law software program uses questions to automatically generate your parenting plan and related forms such as child custody and family separation agreements. Good parenting skills can be learned by using Kids First! because it addresses all aspects of the best ways to parent a child.

Update the Parenting Plan View in Real Time!

First! promotes success for joint custody parents because it provides tools that are updated in real time allowing parents to securely log in anytime to view the most up to date version of the parenting plan.

Parents can share once account, or have their own account. By simply answering a series of questions, Kids
First! automatically generates your parenting plan documents in Microsoft Word, RTF or HTML files, which you can then print from your computer. Because Kids First! is a web-based software, you can update and downloaded agreements, documents and calendars at any time, 24/7.

First! child custody agreement, visitation calendar and child support agreements are also securely protected.

Buy Kids First! Now - Guaranteed* Best!
*We GUARANTEE that KidsFirst! is the best parenting solution or just ask for your money back!

Kids First! Collaborative law software empowers parents to determine the future of their children with child custody, visitation and child support agreements privately and cost effectively.

Kids First! Web Based Software
See how easy-to-use legal software creates your sample parenting plan, child custody agreement, and visitation calendar by simply answering a few questions

Kids First! Parenting Plan Software can help save a family you care about from costly legal fees and unnecessary stress from separation and divorce with this easy-to-use and affordable web based tool.

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